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July 2016

Things are really going well with Zephyrous - The Bognor Birdman flying machine being hand built by my friend Sam Penny.

As you can see from the pictures, Jon Cuthill and his crew from the BBC current affairs program Inside Out, came to film the progress. Jon is also entering the Birdman Rally and will be competing against us.

Jon is a really nice guy and claims to be a TV reporter, but I think he was only here to steal our ideas!

I would just like to thank Jimmy for letting me have a go with his TV camera - I bet they don't use my wobbly footage on the show!


Don't forget, you can follow the progress on this page or on the Team Zephyrous Facebook page.


June 2016

I know.. I know.. I haven't posted anything for a while, but this is really exciting!

I am sponsoring Team Zephyrous in this years attempt at the International Bognor Birdman Rally!

If you haven't heard of it before, it's a competition to see who can fly the furthest from the pier in Bognor Regis using only human power. It's a fun, crazy event that will see all sorts of people making fools of themselves!

But best of all, my friend Sam is entering the competition!
You can follow his progress on this page or on the Team Zephyrous Facebook page.

Go on - Give him a LIKE and a SHARE!

April 2015

My second show of the season was the Baby and Toddler Show at Sandown Park Racecouse.

What a fantastic show it was! The first time this event has been held here.

I shared my stand with my friends at Dooky UK. Check out their Facebook Page and have a look at their brilliant sun shade!

Only a couple of weeks to go, and you can come and see me in Brighton! OR at one of the regular Farmers Markets in Goring-by-Sea

March 2015

OK, So the show season has started!

Kicking off with the annual Nursery Fair trade show at Harrogate.

I managed to get a fantastic view of my section from the top of a step ladder.

Sorry I haven't updated this recently!

With several shows and exhibitions fast approaching, I've been really busy getting things ready for this year. (My tour bus needed a good clean after last year!).

I just had time to make some cakes for myself and the team to take on the journey.

August 2014

What a fantastic summer it's been!

I just love spending time on the beach.

Eating Ice-creams and playing in the sea!

March 2014

World Down's Syndrome Day.

Pipsy is supporting this important event, and you can too!

To show your support for World Down Syndrome everyone is encouraged to wear "Lots of Socks".  You can order your official World Down Syndrome Socks from their shop. Just visit their UK website Down's Syndrome Association for more information.

January 2014

I had a nice rest over Christmas and had a chance to plan this years adventures!

I am really excited today! My new Changing Bags and Travel Change mats have arrived.

The bag has everything you need - pockets, bottle holder, messy bag and a changing mat! It's real top quality and yet still affordable, AND it looks great on both Mums and Dads - as you can see in the photo!

November 2013

Lots of travelling around and photo shoots again this month in order to get the last of the photos for my 2014 calendar ready.

The artwork is all done now and I'm waiting excitedly for the calendar to come back from the printers!

It will be available on this site and of course all our retailers sites too.

October 2013

What a busy month!

The Olympia Baby Show was fantastic. Not only did I meet The Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau (who now has some of my bath toys!) and TV personality Vanessa Feltz, but I completely sold out of my nightlights!

Here's a photo of Tom and my Team. Sorry I'm not in the photo, but someone had to hold the camera!

I've also been back at The Bluewater Show in Dartford and met some fantastic people, including the lovely Mitchell family, one of whom is shown in this photo.

September 2013

Things have been getting really busy recently.

So much so, my distributors have taken on a new member of staff just to handle the marketing and promotion of my products.


Lets say a big G'day to Ben Wilkinson!

August 2013

It was nice to be back in my natural enviroment for this fun photo shoot!

The director was a bit concerned about me climbing around in the trees for this shot, but I insist that I do all my own stunts!

July 2013

Had a really fun day at the Broadwater Carnival near Worthing.

Here I am in the procession. It doesn't look very sunny, but it was ever so hot.

After the parade I headed for the ice-cream van!

June 2013

Lots of people ask me...
"Pipsy, how do you get from show to show?"

Well, if I'm not being chauffeured by my driver, or in the truck with my road crew, I like nothing better than to feel the wind in my fur!

May 2013

Out on the road again!

This time it's the Charmandean Centre in Broadwater near Worthing.

My friend Jane and I went for a wander around the other stands.

April 2013

Back at the Bluewater show again!

Another great show at the famous Kent shopping center.

this time I had my minder wearing one of my Backpack Harnesses and I made friends with a bee!

March 2013

I've just had a fantastic time at the Harrogate International Nursery Fair.

I met lots of my customers and gave them a preview of some of the new lines I have planned for this year.

Have you ever seen a Koala on a giant Wheelbug?

February 2013

I've been having some photography done by my friend Andy at ART Photography.

Time for a break!

January 2013

As it hardly ever snows 'down under', I thought I would rush outside and make myself a Snow Koala.

But, as always, it just turned into a snowball fight!

October 2012

My first show at the Bluewater Shopping Center in Kent.

What a great time!
Lots and lots of happy shoppers.

I'm in the photo petting a lovely animated dog who was with my friends at Demelza Hospice Care