Pipsy Koala® - A brief history of mine.

Pipsy Koala isn't just a name, he's my childhood bear. A good, strong, solid kind of bear I could always rely on to bravely accompany me on whatever adventures we took together.

He was a rather special kind of bear. We first met when I was 3 years old, after he'd flown all the way over from Australia with my Grandmother. We were introduced at the airport, I gave him his name and we decided there and then to be best friends. He stood by my side all through my childhood, enjoyed all my games and stories and even tolerated the knitted martian he was forced to spend time with in the toy box.

He's still with me of course, but he's not up for so many adventures these days, but then he's over 40 and has earned a quieter life.
I don't think he's still in touch with the martian.

I wanted to produce a range of practical, effective, no-nonsense, just does what its supposed to, items for Mums and Dads and their babies under a brand that they could rely on and trust to stand the test of time...    and so of course there was only one name I could chose.

Pipsy Koala is dedicated to bringing you reasonably priced, good quality, useful and effective products to help make life with your baby a little easier, because then you've got more time to spend having adventures together!